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Teeth Whitening at Clinique Dentaire Tapiero, Bouhadana & Associés



  • Your smile and your appearance are enhanced in only 1 hour instead of 3-4 weeks.
  • Your teeth are whiter than with at-home treatment.
  • A safe solution that does not cause damage.


This type of whitening is done by wearing mouthpieces that are customized to fit your teeth, in which you apply a whitening gel. This requires a great deal of discipline, and your teeth will be whiter after a few weeks.

Advice to follow when whitening at home:

  • Be sure to brush your teeth and floss before putting the mouthpieces into your mouth.
  • Apply one or two drops of whitening gel to the anterior part of the mouthpieces, spaced to treat each tooth.
  • Once the mouthpieces are in place, it is important to leave them in place for the amount of time indicated in the instructions.
  • Remove the mouthpieces once the amount of time indicated in the instructions has passed. Be careful to rinse your mouthpieces and your teeth thoroughly with water, and clean your mouthpieces using a toothbrush. You can brush your teeth normally two hours after rinsing.
  • During the whitening period, avoid foods and beverages that can stain your teeth, including tomato sauce, blueberries, coffee and red wine. It is also recommended that you do not smoke during the whitening period.
  • It is possible that your teeth and gums will become more sensitive during the whitening period than they were before. If the level of discomfort becomes too high, discontinue the whitening for a day or two. If the pain persists after this period, contact us.


Some toothpastes can whiten your teeth. This is obviously the easiest and least costly solution, but it is also the least effective.

Whitening done in the clinic and at home using mouthpieces produces far better results.

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